House made pastas, sliced Prosciutto di Daniele, freshly shucked oysters and local, seasonal ingredients
make Jianna a distinctive dining experience.
Jianna is currently open for dinner Tuesday – Sunday evenings from 5:00 pm.

Our full dinner menu is available for take-out or curbside pick up.


Prosciutto  12
Di Parma, 24 Month

North Carolina Burrata 15
Arugula, Frisee, Crouton, XO Salumi Sauce

Ricotta Crostini 12
Truffle Honey, Sea Salt, Grilled Ciabatta

Char-grilled Octopus 16
Potato, Guanciale, Pistachio, Sherry-lemon Vinaigrette

Fall Apple Salad 12
Frisée, Spinach, Shaved Pecorino, Spiced Walnuts, Tarragon Vinaigrette

Potato Gnocchi 12
Smoked Bacon, Tomato, Chive, Parmesan Brodo

Marinated Olives 7
Lemon, Rosemary, Garlic, Chili

Chive & Ricotta Gnudi 15
Pesto Cream, Breadcrumb, Pistachio, Frisee Salad

Roasted Brussels Sprouts 14
Cippolini Onions, Hazelnuts, Truffle Ricotta, Pecorino, Vincotto

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli 16
Brown Butter, Sundried Tomato, Parmesan Brodo, Prosciutto Crisp

Grilled Ciabatta 3
Olive Oil, Chili Flake, Sea Salt

Raw + Chilled

Chilled Market Oysters*
Jianna Cocktail and Hot Sauces, Moscato Mignonette
East Coast 16 / 28          West Coast 20 / 36

Spice Crusted Beef Carpaccio   15
Pickled Red Grapes, Gorgonzola, Arugula, Toasted Pine Nuts

Adriatic Osetra Caviar* MKT
Grilled Bread, Whipped Ricotta, Lemon, Chives
(1 oz.) 


Spaghetti TBG 22
Garlic, Roast Tomatoes, Basil, Grana Padano

Fusilli 26
Beef Short Rib Ragu, Haricot Verts, Pearl Onion, Pickled Fresnos, Breadcrumbs

Rigatoni al Nero di Seppia 26
Florida Rock Shrimp, French Beans, Preserved Lemon, Breadcrumb

Aleppo Pappardelle 28
Cotechino, Beech Mushrooms, Sugo Fine Herbs, Crumbled Pecorino

Large Plates

Bavette Steak Tagliata* 34
Potato, Crimini Mushrooms, Kale, Salsa Verde

Hickory Smoked Duck Breast 32
Brussels Sprouts, Parsnip, Butternut Puree, Cranberry Agrodolce

Grilled Cornish Game Hen 32
Roasted Sweet Potato, Broccolini, Balsamic Braised Red Cabbage, Black Garlic

Pan Seared Alaskan Halibut 34
Cauliflower, Turnip, Butternut Squash, Broccoli Puree, Apple Gremolata


Sauteed Haricot Verts 8
Shallot, Preserved Lemon, Garlic, Breadcrumb

Sauteed Mushrooms 8
Garlic, Shallots, Fine Herbs, Crumbled Pecorino

Meatballs 8
Sugo, Breadcrumbs, Grana Padano

Duck Fat Potatoes 8
Caramelized Onions, Tomato, Crispy Prosciutto, Chili Butter

Indulge yourself with lunch at Jianna, where delicious recipes and a welcoming atmosphere
come together for your pleasure.

Jianna is currently open for dinner and weekend lunch service only.
Weekend lunch is served from 11:00am – 2:30 pm.


Prosciutto  12
Di Parma, 24 Month

Ricotta Crostini  12
Truffle Honey, Sea Salt, Grilled Ciabatta

North Carolina Burrata 15
Arugula, Frisee, Crouton, XO Salumi Sauce

Marinated Olives 7
Lemon, Rosemary, Garlic, Chili

Grilled Ciabatta 3
Olive Oil, Chili Flake, Sea Salt


Grilled Chicken 14
Fontina, Bacon, Piquillo Peppers, Garlic Aioli, Red Onion Conserva

Italian ‘Cuban’ 14
Shaved Pork, Prosciutto, Fontina, Mustard, Pickles

Italian Meat Duo 14
Mortadella, Prosciutto, Sundried Tomato Conserva, Spinach, Shaved Grana Padano

Pepperoni Club 14
Salumi, Smoked Bacon, Fontina, Frisée, Tomato, Balsamic Shallots, Basil Aioli


Raw + Chilled

Chilled Market Oysters*
Jianna Cocktail and Hot Sauces, Moscato Mignonette
East Coast 16 / 28          West Coast 20 / 36

Adriatic Osetra Caviar* MKT
Grilled Bread, Whipped Ricotta, Lemon, Chives
(1 oz.) 

Soup & Salads

Daily Market Soup   6/ 8

Pesto Grilled Salmon 16
Baby Lettuces, Pistachio, Goat Cheese, White Balsamic Vinaigrette

Italian Grilled Chicken 16
Baby Greens, Crispy Prosciutto, Lunchbox Peppers, Parmesan Crouton, Pickled Fresno, White Balsamic

Fall Apple Salad 12
Frisée, Spinach, Shaved Pecorino, Spiced Walnuts, Tarragon Vinaigrette

Large Plates

Spaghetti TBG  16
Tomato, Basil, Garlic, Grano Padano

add meatballs 8
sugo, breadcrumbs, grana padano

Shrimp Piccata 18
Spaghetti, Capers, Lemon, Parsley

Lumache Bolognese 18
Bolognese Ragu, Roasted Tomatoes, Grana Padano

Tuscan Sausage Succotash 17
Cannellini Beans, Butterbeans, Charred Corn, Tomatoes, Garlic Toast

When a light afternoon meal is all you need to get you through the day, think Jianna.
Our Piccolo menu is currently offered on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm.

Chilled Market Oysters*

Jianna Cocktail and Hot Sauces, Moscato Mignonette
East Coast 16 / 28         West Coast 20 / 36

Prosciutto  12
Di Parma, 24 Month

Ricotta Crostini  12
Truffle Honey, Sea Salt, Grilled Ciabatta

North Carolina Burrata 15
Arugula, Frisee, Crouton, XO Salumi Sauce

Marinated Olives 7
Lemon, Rosemary, Garlic, Chili

Grilled Ciabatta 3
Olive Oil, Chili Flake, Sea Salt

Fall Apple Salad 12
Frisée, Spinach, Shaved Pecorino, Spiced Walnuts, Tarragon Vinaigrette

Meatballs   8

Spaghetti  TBG  20
Tomato, Basil, Garlic, Grano Padano

add meatballs 8
sugo, breadcrumbs, grana padano

Lumache Bolognese 24
Bolognese Ragu, Roasted Tomatoes, Grana Padano

Sugo, Breadcrumbs, Grana Padano

We bring in oysters from all over the country on a regular basis. Please check the menu board in the
restaurant to see today’s current oyster offerings. Jianna oysters are served with our own Jianna Hot Sauce and Moscato Mignonette, both made in-house.

Chilled Market Oysters*
Jianna Cocktail and Hot Sauce, Moscato Mignonette
East Coast 16 / 28          West Coast 20 / 36

Negroni Inspired Cocktails

In 1919 Count Camillo Negroni was at his local watering hole in Florence and ordered an Americano cocktail.
The barkeep mistakenly grabbed the gin instead of soda water and the rest is history.  This delicious Italian cocktail has
become a staple to any reputable beverage program. We were inspired by the story of Count Negroni so we created the
following cocktails by playing with the core ingredients.  We invite you to play with us and find a new favorite!

Classic Negroni   12
conniption navy strength gin, campari, carpano antica sweet vermouth

The Prole 14
barstown bourbon, contratto bitter, cocchi vermouth di torino

Princess Elena  12
aperol, monetenegro amaro, conti di buscareto spumanti rose

Angela Romano 13
bardstown fusion bourbon, mommenpop kumquat, honey simple, cranberry bitters

Seasonal Cocktails

Rock Me ‘Amodeo’ 12
don ciccio & figli mandarinetto, orange bitters, zonin lemon spritz

North Meets South 14
del maguey mezcal, four roses bourbon, peach, lime

Prugna Inferno 13
casa amigos reposado, plum, hellfire bitters

State of Grace 14*
conniption kinship gin, macerated plum, egg white

Mora Please 14
hilton head white rum, blackberry-sage syrup, lemon


Prosecco & Sparkling

2021 Luca Bosio, Moscato d’Asti 11/44
moscato, piedmont, italy

NV Tullia, Brut, Treviso DOC 11/44
glera, veneto, italy

NV Conti di Buscareto, Spumanti Rosè 12/48
lacrima, le marche, italy

NV Fagher, ‘Le Colture’, Brut DOCG 13/52
chardonnay, glera, veneto, italy

NV Lini 910, ‘Labrusca’, Rosè 12/48
lambrusco, emilia-romagna, italy


2021 Tenuta Viscone 11/44
pinot grigio,friuli, italy

2020 Morgante, Bianco di Morgante 12/48
nero d’avola, sicily, italy

2021 Bruno Giacosa, Roero 16/64
arneis, piedmont, italy

2021 Conti di Buscareto, Castelli di Jesi 13/52
verdicchio, marche, italy

2020 Rocca di Montemassi, ‘Calasole’ 12/48
vermentino, tuscany, italy

2022 Produttori Manduria, ‘Alice’ 12/48
verdeca, puglia, italy

2021 Rio Maggio, Bianco 13/52
pecorino, trebbiano, passerina, marche, italy

2021 Felsina, ‘Pepestrino’ 12/48
trebbiano, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, tuscany, italy

2021 Viberti, ‘Filebasse’ 15/60
chardonnay, piedmont, italy


2022 Planeta 12/48
nero d’avola, syrah, sicily, italy

2020 Fattoria La Rivolta, ‘il Bruma’ 12/48
aglianico, campania, italy


2020 Caparzo 11/44
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

NV Grasso Fratelli, ‘Trej’, Langhe Rosso 15/60
nebbiolo, barbera, dolcetto, piedmont, italy

2021 Monte Bernardi, ‘Gioventu’, Chianti 12/48
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2020 Franco Amoroso, Barbera, Superiore 12/48
barbera, piedmont, italy

2019 Morgante, ‘Vendemmia’ 12/48
nero d’avola, sicily, italy

2021 Umani Ronchi 12/48
montepulciano, abruzzo, italy

2021 Tenuta Sette Ciele, ‘Yantra’ 14/56
merlot, cabernet sauvignon, tuscany, italy

2017 Oddero, ‘Convento’, Barolo 20/80
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2018 Podere Sapaio, ‘Pappolo’ 14/56
cabernet sauvignon, tuscany, italy

2018 Brancatelli, ‘Valle delle Stelle’ 16/64
cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, tuscany, italy

2017 Di Majo Norante, ‘Ramitello’ 12/48
montepulciano, aglianco, molise, italy




NV Ca’del Bosco, Cuvée Prestige 60
chardonnay, pinot bianco, pinot nero, lombardy, italy

NV Venturini Cadelvento, Rosato 40
lambrusco, emilia-romagna, italy

NV Scarpetta, Rosé 42
pinot nero, friuli-venezia giulia, italy

NV Lvnae, ‘No 1. Rosé’ 65
vermentino nero, ciliegiolo, liguria, italy

NV Ca’del Bosco, Cuvée Prestige, Rosé 100
pinot nero, chardonnay, lombardy, italy

NV Ettore Germano, ‘Rosanna’, Brut Rosé 80
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2017 Ca’del Bosco ‘Saten’, Franciacorta 125
chardonnay, lombardy, italy

2013 Ca’ del Bosco, ‘Annamaria Clementi’ 250
chardonnay, pinot nero, pinot bianco, lombardy, italy

NV Famiglia Carafoli, ‘L’Onesta’ 42
lambrusco, emilia-romagna, italy

NV Cleto Chiarli, ‘Centenario’ 45
lambrusco, emilia-romagna, italy


2021 Jermann 52
pinot grigio, friuli, italy

2021 Erste + Neue 50
sauvignon blanc, sudtirol, alto-adige, italy

2021 Mitja Sirk 58
tocai friulano, friuli, italy

2021 il Verro, ‘Sheep’ 70
coda di pecora, campania, italy

2020 Massican, ‘Annia’ 66
tocai friuliano, ribolla gialla, chardonnay, napa, california

2021 Giovanni Almondo, ‘Bricco della Ciliege’ 60
arneis, piedmont, italy

2021 Val di Toro, ‘Auramaris’ 58
vermentino, tuscany, italy

2019 Vigneti Massa, ‘Piccolo Derthona’ 52
timorasso, piedmont, italy

2019 Puiatti, ‘Cur’ 50
traminer aromatico, friuli, italy

2021 Franz Goer, ‘Karneid’ 65
kerner, süditrol, alto-adige, italy

2020 Tenuta di Fiorano, ‘Fioranello’ 60
grechetto, viognier, lazio, italy

2020 Planeta, ‘Eruzione 1614’ 80
carricante, riesling, sicily, italy

2020 La Spinetta, Colli Tortonesi 60
timorasso derthona, piedmont, italy

2021 Jerman, ‘Vintage Tunina’ 105
sauvignon, chardonnay, ribolla gialla, malvasia, friuli, italy

2021 Pieropan, ‘Calvarino’ Soave 60
garganega, trebbiano di soave, veneto, italy

2020 Massifitti, ‘Suavia’ 56
trebbiano, veneto, italy

2020 Antico Broilo 85
ribolla gialla, friuli, italy

2020 Marta Valpiani, ‘Delyus’ 48
albana, emilia-romagna, italy

2021 Ghëddo, ‘Tinaar’ Bianco 68
arneis, timorasso, nascetta, piedmont, italy

2019 Passopisciaro, ‘Passobianco’ 98
chardonnay, sicily, italy

2021 Marziano Abbona, ‘Cinerino’ 64
viognier, piedmont, italy

2021 Jermann, ‘Where Dreams Have No End’ 125
chardonnay, friuli, italy

2019 Skerk, ‘Malvazija’ 95
istrian malvasia, friuli, italy

Rosé & Other Unique Whites

2021 La Spinetta, ‘il Rosé di Cassanova 52
sangiovese, prugnolo gentile, tuscany, italy

2019 Ryme, ‘His’, Las Brisas Vineyard 72
vermentino, carneos, california

2019 Skerk, ‘Orgade’ 95
vitovska, malvasia, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, friuli, italy


2020 Dirupi, ‘Ole’, Rosso di Valtellina 65
nebbiolo, lombardy, italy

2019 Pietradolce, Etna Rosso 68
nerello mascalese, sicily, italy

2019 Salcheto, Nobile di Montipulciano 58
prugnolo gentile, tuscany, italy

2019 Monte Bernardi, ‘Sa’etta’, Chianti Riserva 100
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2019 Tenuta Maccan 52
cabernet franc, friuli, italy

2019 Bibi Graetz, ‘Testamatta’ 180
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2020 La Spinetta, ‘Ca’ Di Pian’ 60
barbera, piedmont, italy

2019 Passopisciaro, ‘Passorosso’ 105
nerello mascalese, sicily, italy

2017 Tornatore, ‘Trimarchisa’ 125
nerello mascalese, nerello cappuccio, sicily, italy

2018 Coppo, ‘Pomorosso’, Nizza DOCG 110
barbera, piedmont, italy

2019 Cerbaiona, IGT 125
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2015 Vigneti Massa, ‘Monleale’ 80
barbera, piedmont, italy

2020 Monte Bernardi, ‘Tzingarella’ 60
cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc,colorino, tuscany, italy

2019 il Colle, Rosso di Montalcino 84
sangiovese. tuscany, italy

2020 Bertani, Valpolicella Ripasso 62
corvina veronese, rondinella, veneto, italy

2016 BorgosanDaniele, ‘Arbis RÒs’ 120
pignolo, friuli, italy

2020 Mauro Vannucci, ‘il Sasso’, Carmignano 75
sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, tuscany, italy

2020 Grosjean, ‘Vigne Merletta’ 78
fumin, vallee d’aoste, italy

2021 Demarie, Langhe Rosso 50
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2021 Tre Pile, ‘Carlin’, Langhe 60
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2017 Bove Marso, Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 65
montepulicano, abruzzo, italy



2020 Tenuta di Trinoro, ‘Le Cupole’ 80
cabernet franc, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, tuscany, italy

2017 Sobrero, ‘Ciavot Tanasio’, Barolo 115
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2014 Cocito, ‘Baluchin’, Barbaresco Riserva 140 nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2021 Grattamacco, Bolgheri 70
cabernet sauvigon, merlot, sangiovese, petit verdot, tuscany, italy

2017 Brancatelli,’Valle del Sogno’ 150
cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, tuscany, italy

2019 Castello di Neive, Barbaresco 90
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2016 il Colle, Brunello di Montalcino 120
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2019 Cerbaiona, Rosso di Montalcino 150
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2018 il Marroneto, Brunello di Montalcino 240
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2017 San Polino, ‘Helichrysum’, Brunello di Montalcino 180
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2018 Val di Suga, Brunello di Montalcino 150
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2018 Planeta, ‘Maroccoli’ 90
syrah, sicily, italy

2017 Marziano Abbona, ‘Pressenda’, Barolo 98
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2015 Viberti, ‘San Pietro’ Barolo Riserva 225
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2017 Cerbaiona, Brunello di Montalcino 300
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2018 G.D. Vajra,’Albe’ Barolo 90
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2018 Le Regnaie, Brunello di Montalcino 175
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2016 Argiano, ‘Vigna del Suolo’, Brunello di Montalcino 340
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2016 Ratti, ‘Rocche Dell’Annunziata’, Barolo 240
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2018 Marchesi Antinori, ‘Tignanello’ 350
sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, tuscany, italy

2019 Tenuta San Guido, ‘Sassicaia’ 400
cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, bolgheri, tuscany, italy

2017 Santadi, ‘Shardana’ 72
carignano, syrah, sardinia, italy

2019 Paitin, ‘Serraboella’, Barbaresco 98
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2017 Dirupi, Sforzato di Valtellina 175
nebbiolo (chiavennasca), lombardy, italy

2018 Sandro Fay, ‘Ronco del Picchio’ Sforzato 150
nebbiolo (chiavennasca), lombardy, italy

2015 Tenuta Santa Maria, Amarone Riserva 160
corvina, rondinella, corvinone, veneto, italy

2015 Cesari, ‘il Bosco’, Amarone della Valpolicella 140
corvina, rondinella, veneto, italy

2015 Tezza, ‘Brolo delle Giara’, Amarona Riserva 135
corvina, rondinella, oseleta, veneto italy

2018 Lamole di Lamole, Chianti, Gran Selezione 150
sangiovese, cabernet sauvignon, tuscany, italy

2016 Paolo Bea, ‘Vigneto Pagliaro’ 250
sagrantino, umbria, italy

2017 Fattoria di Milziade Antano, Montefalco 140
sagrantino, umbria, italy

Andrea’s Secret Stash

2019 Tenuta di Trinoro, Bianco 175
semillon, tuscany, italy

2015/2016 Malvira, ‘Boiolo’, Barolo 200
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2017 Feudo Montoni, ‘Vrucara’ 125
nero d’avola, sicily, italy

2013 Valle dell’ Acate, ‘Iri da Iri’, Cerasuolo 150
frappato, nero d’avola, sicily, italy

2018 Tenuta di Biserno, ‘Biserno’ 250
cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc, tuscany, italy

2015 Tenuta Sette Cieli, ‘Indaco’ 160
malbec, merlot, cabernet sauvignon, tuscany, italy

2016 Tenuta di Arceno, ‘Valadorna’ 180
merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, petit verdot, tuscany, italy

2000 Castell ‘In Villa, Chianti Classico Riserva 300
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2017 Felsina, ‘Colonia’, Gran Selezione, Chianti 425
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2016 Cavallotto, Bricco Boschis, Barolo Riserva 400
nebbiolo, piedmont, italy

2019 Biondi-Santi, Rosso di Montalcino 280
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

2017 Biondi-Santi, Brunello di Montalcino 450
sangiovese, tuscany, italy

Updated 08/22/2023

Vintages subject to change based on


Fatty’s Beer Works, ‘High Style”, Italian Pilsner  8
charleston, south carolina

Peroni Nastro Azzuro 7
bergamo, italy

Edmund’s Oast, ‘Bound By Time’ IPA  9
charleston, south carolina

Liability Brewing, ‘Feral Garden Gnome’, Belgium Blonde 9
greenville. south carolina


Budlight 5
st. louis, missouri

Michelob Ultra 5
st. louis, missouri

Well Being Brewing, ‘Heavenly Body’, Golden Wheat, Non-Alcoholic 5
st. louis, missouri

Stella Artois 6
leuven, belguim

Pisgah Brewing Company, ‘Blueberry Wheat’ 6
black mountain, north carolina

Blackberry Farm Saison 6
walland, tennessee

Creature Comforts, ‘Tropicalia’ , IPA 7
athens, georgia

Pisgah Brewing Company, Pale Ale 6
black mountain, north carolina

                                                                                          Orpheus, ‘Birds of Fire’, Sour 9                                                                                            atlanta, georgia

North Coast, ‘Laguna Baja’, Mexican Lager 8
fort bragg, california

Olde Hickory Brewery, Ruby Lager 6
hickory, north carolina

Melchiori, ‘Alpino’, Apple Cider 500ml  15
trento, italy

Bravazzi Italian Hard Soda 6
memphis, tennessee

Piccolo Birrifico ‘Issac’ 12
piozzo, italy

Baladin ‘Nora’ 12
piozzo, italy

Assorted Italian Craft Soda 4

A taste of Italy to finish your meal…


Salted Caramel Semifreddo   11
Almond Crumb, Shaved Chocolate, Caramel Sauce

Sommelier Recommends: 2018 Donnafugata, ‘Ben Rye’, Zibibbo, Sicily Italy

Red Wine Poached Pear 11
Marscapone Mousse, Prosecco Gel, Pecan Shortbread Crumb

Sommelier Recommends: 2020 ‘Braida’, Giacomo Bologna, Brachetto d’Acqui, Piedmont Italy

Chocolate Cake 11
Espresso Gelato, Cherries, Chocolate Sauce, Sanded Walnuts

Sommelier Recommends: 2016, Banfi, “Florus’, Moscadello, Montalcino, Italy

Cannoli Piccoli 8
Sweet Potato Mousse, Chocolate, Spiced Pepitas

Sommelier Recommends: NV, Angelo Negro, ‘Birbet’, Brachetto, Piedmont, Italy

House made Gelatos  7
Daily Selections

Affogato  8
Ricotta Gelato, Espresso

Jianna After-Dinner Drinks

Proudly serving beans from Mozza Roaster in Spartanburg, South Carolina


Espresso / Double




Aperol – Bittersweet Orange, Gentian, Rhubarb, Cinchona 8

Angostura – Nutmeg, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate 7

Averna – Licorice, Citrus Peels, Chocolate 6

Bonal – Plums, Cherries, Honey, Licorice 7

Braulio – Chamomile, Pine, Menthol 10

Byrrh – Muscat based, Quinine, Cocoa, Coffee 6

Campari – Bitter Orange, Zesty Grapefruit, Clove, Spice 9

Caperitif – Quinine, Pine, Sweet Grape, Pepper 7

Cardamaro – Moscato based, Cardoon, Thistle, Wormwood 7

Cocchi Dopo Teatro – Barolo Chinato, Rhubarb, Cinchona 6

Cynar 70 – Dark Cocoa, Espresso, Orange Peel, Cinnamon 9

Fernet Branca – Saffron, Eucalyptus, Tobacco, Sweet Citrus 8

Fernet Branca Menta – Clean, Classic, Peppermint 7

Ferro Kina – Cinchona, Iron, Bitter Lemon, Gentian 8

Lucano – Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cocoa 8

Montenegro – Dried Citrus Zest, Rose, Clove, Cinnamon 9

Nardini – Anise, Mint, Citrus, Cacao 10

Nonino – Caramel, Rhubarb, All Spice, Bitter Orange 12

Pasubio – Blueberries, Pine Sap, Mountain Herbs, Peat 6

Pellegrino – Candied Fruits, Tobacco, Vanilla 7

Ramazzotti – Balanced, Root Beer, Citrus, Cola 6

‘Southern’ by Highwire – Fresh Citrus, Licorice, Mint, Vanilla 8

Underberg – Fresh, Aniseed, Honey, Fennel 7


Poli Ciliengie – Intense Cherry, Almond 20

Poli Miele – Acacia Honey, Lemon Verbena 9

Nardini ‘Mandorla’ – Almond, Subtle Cherry 11

Nardini 40 – Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond, White Pepper 9

Nardini Riserva – Malt, Apples, Honey 14


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